Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lucky me!

what a great day. lucky for me because miss L was out of school and mr. w sluffed school! 
(okay, not really sluffed... stayed home to work on his seminar, but he was here) 
they shoveled the driveway for me and made my juice this extra 45 minutes is a priceless gift.
i'm one lucky girl. really.

++    and oh yes,  L loves her shorts so much that she's worn them for 3 days...straight!
i figure they're a great compromise for the rebellion against skirts.
we obviously can't wait for spring.
next on my list... white sun dress.
by request.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

our 3 day weekend...

the weekend begins with a "family camp out" in the front room. somebody was sooooo excited. 

this girl loves her dog, and in this moment she was showing it in a kind way. 
sometimes he has to accept teasing as a sign of affection...and not only from the little L...

"despicable me" was the movie of the evening.
it's a new family fav!

we use every excuse we can find to make a carrot cake. 
at least this time i made half of the recipe, and i'm proud to say that a portion still remains! 
(be it a small portion, there are still remains)

managed to snap one pic before church. 

and well, remember these? she was obsessed about making these over the break. 
so we did!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

christmas wrap.

presents wrapped and ready for the big day...

even L had a few surprises in store for the mommy and the daddy!

when the big day is almost here, a snowstorm is expected in North Carolina, so santa arrives a little early so we can make an earlier flight...December 23 to be exact.

one for the season's favs... personal library kit!

we made it to n.c. the night before the big storm. grandma has to check on her "blow ups" to make sure the snow isn't too heavy on them! 

and her grape arbor... she and i went for a christmas walk around her property. it was beautiful. perfect. and even more perfect to walk with my mom.

see, i told you.

here is "snowie chloie" l, alexis and i built christmas night. i have to admit, i felt like a little girl again building a snowman for my mom as she watched from the kitchen window. loved the moment.

memaw truax's beautiful hands.

my sweet aunt. can't help but know she is a child of God when you're in her presence. love her.

l's dna kit. another christmas favorite.

there was no absence of illness on this vacation. mr. w spent many days just like this. (glad no one took my picture while i was so sick...he pulls it off much better than i)

grandma's house is a bird watcher's dream.

 l and i visited the country's largest home with cher and the girls. still amazed. 

never enough cousin time. yes, there were tears and pleas to move to n.c. again when we left.

speaks for itself. it was very windy...
you can imagine mr. w's comments.

 the fence above the garden. at one time the wire was stapled to the tree.
no need for staples now!

the barn my papaw built where sarah and i used to play. 
 oh i still remember that darned black snake in the hay loft... maybe that's why i hate them so much.

papaw's tractor that dad still uses. 
it's true, they don't make things like they used to.

FINALLY! i met baby L...

seriously, even his drool is cute!

i love how they love her.
melts me.

this does too.