Thursday, March 29, 2012

move over cake pop!

Hello rice crispy treat pop!

 I wanted to make a treat for the children I teach on Sundays, but it was a little tricky since one little guy has a lot of allergies. He can have rice crispy treats, but I thought that was a bit boring for a 7 year old. So, the rice crispy treat pop was born! His treat was delivered without the chocolate and sprinkles of course, but he didn't mind. 

And this little girl had fun helping make, dip, and sprinkling these fun little treats. I taught her how yummy the marshmallows are when they melting and covered with melted butter, which may have been her favorite part of the entire process!  I think we'll be making these for years to come!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

five months ago.

This is what we were doing five months ago today. It was the third most beautiful day of my adult life. (first being my wedding day, and second was Lauren's birth) It's hard to imagine life without our little chubbers. What a miracle! I'm still in shock how this little person came into our lives. He has brought with him a little piece of heaven. 
I am amazed how much room there is in my heart. It felt so full when I found Mr. W. Then even more so when we were blessed with Lauren. I felt happy and content with our first little miracle.
 Little did I know there was space waiting to be filled by our second little miracle.
I'll never forget the emotion of that day. Mr. W and I, waiting to see this beautiful baby we had created. Lauren's excitement for this brother she had waited nine years for. 
Mr. W whispering the sweetest words to me while I labored. His voice is so soft and tender. 
He held my hand and told me he had never loved me more. 
I still get butterflies.
Then when he finally arrived, we all cried. He screamed, then he peed on the doctor. 
(way to make an entrance into the world my little boy!)
Then he started to calm, and he stared at his sister as she held him. She said she didn't expect to cry.
I tried to take it all in, trying to file away every moment into my memory. 
As the two of them put on his first diaper, I laid there and watched my Mr. become the father of a newborn again, and my little girl become a big sister. 
I sobbed.

This is the sweet baby that has taken his place in all three of our hearts. The past five months have been beautiful. (even the typical moments of newborn struggles) 
We're glad you chose us. You were worth the wait!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

oh baby!

-spring break kite flying-
-dad teaching sis archery- 
-dying coffee filters for her projects-

I can't believe how quickly time is slipping away.
Next month my girl will be 10 years old. 
Is that possible?

In 3 days my baby will be 5 months old!
He has brought so much joy to our family.
I love watching the two of them. They love one another so much.
He has given sister so much confidence and a sense of belonging. 
This morning I when I was changing his diaper he was crying.
Until she talked to him. 
She said, "he cries when he looks as you, but he's happy when he looks at me. I must have the magic touch!" 
And that she does!

I love family. 
I love the family I was so blessed to come from, and the family my sweetheart and I have created.
Typically I go to bed at night exhausted, but it's  a good exhausted. I know this phase will pass so quickly. While mom was here visiting last week she said this is the sweetest time in life. 
I believe so too.

...and oh yea, Mr. W is starting his LAST rotation in 1 week! Graduation here we come! He went back to school in 2003. For some reason it doesn't seem like that time slipped away so quickly...