Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas goodies.

I've tried my very best to keep things as normal and calm as possible through this move. The last one, yes 1 year and 2 months ago, was tough for Missy. This one.. much better. I managed to make my way through the boxes rather quickly, even put the Christmas tree up our first night here. (it took up less space standing than it did in the box, but that sounded impressive) So, I believe we are feeling settled and so ready for a much needed break from the everyday routine.

But, before we're off to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with family, there's joy to be spread! Miss L put her hand to sewing lots of buttons onto bobby pins, while I played on photoshop. Together we brought lots of smiles to some second graders this morning. It was wonderful watching her pass out her simple little handmade treasures. I was so impressed by these little girls, each one flaunting a new barrett in her hair. They were so appreciative and it seemed to make each one feel special.

For the teachers in our life.. something warm and sweet. Hot chocolate (I admit I could have been more creative) and homemade marshmallows, that just happen to be the first marshmallows that I actually like. We added a little coconut flavoring and coated some in coconut, others in powdered sugar to top hot chocolate. Gift giving = happiness.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wow, what just happened?

As if the holidays and wrapping up another semester are not busy enough, we decided to throw a move in the middle of it all. What were we thinking? We obviously sold our house, which I am so gracious for in this economy. We are back in the condo again, preparing to build another house. Back home.

It's nice to have the internet again, but I completely enjoyed not having it for 3 weeks. I am reconsidering how much I need the internet. There were a few moments of frustration.. I actually had to look up numbers in the phone book. Prehistoric huh.

L and I have been plenty busy getting gifts prepared for teachers and friends. I'll post about those soon, so cute and delicious!