Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a little something...

is in the works around here...so far, so GOOD!

this one has taken me awhile to dream up. i knew what i wanted, just not the exact colors, exact widths, exact lengths. so yesterday i gave up on thinking i could plan it all out perfectly in my mind. i pulled out my scraps and started cutting. and drawing while i cut. i think i'm liking it...

Monday, February 14, 2011

for the mr. at school...

because we missed you this morning. but, we are happy with the weekend festivities and celebrations. thank you once again.
L was happy this morning. why wouldn't she be. she's worked so hard to prepare all of her 32 valentine's, (combined two of my favorites here and here) and was more excited than ever been to deliver them. of course, she's always happy when i greet her in the morning with, "would you like heart shaped pancakes for breakfast?" 

remember our conversation last night about how giving undivided attention goes a long way? still working! she got dressed with no grumbling, let max out for the morning routine..you know what i mean, thanked me profusely for such a yummy breakfast, rinsed and packed all of her dishes- without being asked, and got all of her valentine's and backpack loaded up...once again without being asked! that makes for a great morning for the mommy too!
wasn't it a great weekend? missing you...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

this girl.

so, last night after mr. w and i finish working out, we all sit together on the floor for fhe. (this semester it's moved from monday to wednesday...yucky schedule) L hops on mr. w's back and says, "ooh dad, your back's all wet. kinda like it, it's sort of sticky." she cracks me up. it was even better watching my mr. with his face in his hands laughing helplessly. kids are great!

::no pics today. camera is in the shop getting cleaned. $75 later, let's hope the spots go away.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tooth + sewing again.

yesterday i went to help in L's classroom. she ran up to me with a handmade, folded and taped envelope and said "it's for you." i shoved it in my pocket and asked her to go back to her desk..  her teacher was right in the middle of giving instructions. this little girl is always, and i mean always, doodling something for me. love it. we proceeded to the science experiment, then afterwards she said, "mom, you haven't even looked at the envelope!" i pulled it out of my pocket and she had pulled her tooth out at school! i had checked that tooth a few days ago, and it was NOT that loose. if i had to guess, she was sitting at her desk for an hour or so working that tooth, and not paying the least bit of attention to what was going on around her. i love this girl! that's a talent.. to be able to tune life out and be in your own- i MUST pull this tooth out right this very minute world. yep, i bet she missed the entire reading hour...

:: loved the fabric on the dress so much that i had to make a top out of it too! loving this one as well..

Monday, February 7, 2011


so, here we go again. monday. even max is feeling it. the heavenly, long awaited weekend has passed. i don't mind really. 5 more days to the next.

monday for me means: cleaning from the unstructured weekend, laundry, picking up the groceries we ran out of over the weekend, and of course, the routine is back in force. there's something comforting about the hum of the dryer in the background, and seeing the floors shine again...  today, a haircut gets thrown in the mix. much, much needed. 

mr. w took L swimming on saturday. which gave me a little time to sneak in some sewing. i'm loving how this one turned out! pizza party with some fam afterwards, and a little playing spot-it. it's our favorite game at the moment.

now, on to another week...