Monday, June 20, 2011


Summer is here. And it's wonderful. Each day begins with slowly waking to the sunrise, laying in bed by my sweetheart, and waiting for the sound of little feet walking across the catwalk into our room. Each day L does 2 pages of her workbook, math flash cards, and piano, then the rest of the day is all hers. She's done it everyday, usually before I mention it. Amazingly!

One morning while the three of us were laying in bed, Mr. W and I told her about the card in the spokes trick we used to do when we were kids. She and Mr. W had them on her bike before 8 am! She loves it. (despite the fact that her playmate told her it's a nuisance to the neighborhood) We l.o.v.e. our neighborhood. Everyday the kids are out riding bikes and making some new trail on the dirt hill behind our house. Some of the kids gathered up old fence posts and built a fort. I love seeing kids be kids. I decided this summer would be a summer without lessons (except piano every other week) and schedules. We will fit one session of swimming in, and the little house in the valley day camp. Other than that, I want the days to slowly pass and be exactly what they have been so far.

We did sneak in a trip to Moab and one to Lagoon. Mr. W begins rotations in 2 weeks, so that is probably the extent of vacations this summer. No worries though, we're happy getting our yard in and actually having a garden again after 3 years of moving! I already have spinach for my smoothie each morning, and mixed greens for my salad every evening. It's heaven! And I have pumpkins in their beginning stages! My favorite.

Let's just keep things exactly the way they are...