Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby had his 6 month immunizations yesterday.
By evening he had a fever and was vomiting. Babies are amazing how they throw-up, then 
the next minute are giving you the scrunchy nose smile. 
I hate seeing him so weak and tired.
But, it was sweet to have him sleep between us and hear him breathing next to me all night.
Thankfully, he is still nursing well...

Sis is off to school. It's early release Wednesday, so she was excited about that. 
She has big plans with the neighborhood children this afternoon. Last night they invented a new game 
just before she came in for the evening, so they will meet up after school! 

Mr. W has had much on his mind. He was offered a full-time Pharmacist position! He has 3 other opportunities in his field that he's considering. I've watched him carefully consider every aspect of our future, trying to make the best decision for our family.  I know he will do what is best for all of us.
I'm thankful he seeks spiritual guidance when he's planning for our future. 
Together we agree, quality of family life (time) is our ultimate goal.
We look forward to this new phase. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

some thoughts...

Today is a beautiful day. 
Sunny, warm, and happy.
After the 5:45am nursing, I changed into my workout attire. (as usual) But this morning the birds sounded like the most beautiful symphony, and it called to me. I decided to skip the treadmill and hit the pavement. (love the nike running app!) When I got home I told my sleepy Mr. that it was exhilarating! As I ran I listened to the birds sing, watched the sunrise, smelled the blossoms on the trees, and saw baby lambs frolicking! I think I'm converted.
Sister begins end of year testing today. I can't wait for summer days with my girl! 
She also has dance today...I feel there will be grumbles. She hates going anywhere after school when it's warm outside. All she wants to do is play in the yard. Can't say that I blame her.
She spent the entire Saturday, from sun up until sun down, in the outdoors.
Oh yes, that was the day of the fishing trip. Fishing is a bit of a different experience for Lizzy. 
You see, she doesn't catch fish to eat. Nope, not my girl...she brings home a new "pet". 
She caught a catfish and brought it home to show me. Then it ended up in her swimming pool. Then it gets named "kitty"...get it? (Cat)fish...
This is when I know we're going to have problems. She becomes attached, even though
 Mr. W explained to her that they would need to take it back to it's home. She wanted to move the pool into the garage so he wouldn't get cold Saturday night. We convinced her that he was used to the outdoors and that he would be fine. She ran out first thing Sunday morning to check on him. Then again after church. That's when she discovered he had passed away. Many tears were shed. She and Mr. W buried Kitty in the garden, then she made a memorial. It's at school with her at this moment.
This whole experience reminds of of Bobby. I love my girl!
Moving on...This morning Mr. W and I took Lizzy to school, then went on our date to the grocery store. We love our morning dates, and our lunch dates to Kneaders! 
I rocked our baby for at least 30 minutes this morning. I eat it up every time. I know how quickly this time passes and I want to savor every moment. 
Tonight we will grill turkey burgers, dig a hole to repair the sprinklers, and my Mr. and sister are going to a Buddhist temple. He has to attend a minority meeting of some sort for one of his classes, and heaven knows Lizzy is not going to pass up this opportunity!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

saturday morning.

 It's a beautiful Saturday morning at our house.
Mr. W and Lizzy have gone on a fishing/canoe adventure. She was so excited that 
she woke us at 6:30, ready to go!
The sun is shining beautifully and the day feels full of possibility.
But for the moment, I'll enjoy my baby! I'm loving the scrunchy nose smile he started this week.
And the roly-poly maneuver...he a little steam roller!

Last night the Mr. and I went for a walk, and visited friends along the way.
We talked about how blessed we feel to live where we do, have wonderful friends, and to be where we are in life's journey. And how blessed we are to have two sweet children.
I am one lucky woman!

Friday, April 20, 2012


(Easter 2012)
I wish someone could follow us around to take pictures and record all of our happenings.
I'm not keeping up with it as well as I'd like to be.
There has been much happening around here lately. Mostly the usual, wife, mother, and family stuff, and it's wonderful! Although, we did go to the U last week for Mr. W's graduation meeting! Two weeks from today, he will be a free man!!! 


Lately, our little girl makes us laugh a lot. She full of funny comments and jokes, she's rather quick witted. She is growing, maturing, and entering this new phase of life. She and I have had fun shopping together lately. She realized last week that she can wear women's shoes. She had quite a party in the shoe isle of T J Maxx. All of which were (very) high heels, and covered in bling. Heaven help me! She LOVES 80's music! (we may have had a little to do with that) That's all she wants to listen to in the car, and when she's doing her chores. It's kind of weird really...hearing her play 80's music in her room, in her own little space. I guess it's strange because we've kept her fairly sheltered from most media and popular music trends, which I'm very proud of.  
baby brother's Easter attire
This baby boy has many bloomers in his wardrobe. I can't help myself! 

My gardeners planting the first peas. 
Grasshoppers please stay away this year!

Need I say how he feels about peas?!

more bloomers!