Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes, oftentimes, I see these two together and I can't believe they are mine! We have two children!! She is a sister, and they have one another. I can't believe how they have changed our lives. And how he has changed hers. Mornings are my favorite when I hear them in their room while she's lying in her bed, and he in his. He carries on a full-on conversation with her in his own language. He can't wait for someone to come along and lift him out of his crib so he can run over and climb up on her bed! (all while she scurries to protect her beloved stuffed animals)

Families are beautiful and I love this little family of ours. How did I get so lucky?

**Tonight we are going canoeing for FHE. I can't wait to see the excitement on this little boy's face, and the pleasure on hers! Must make the most of the last days of this summer break...

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