Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 ward camp out
This year we decided to bag the camp out part and just hang out instead. Max joined us and he was a hit with the kids...though I'm not certain they were a hit with him. O.E.'s dutch oven potatoes were scrumptious, and we pulled over to watch a little sheep herding on the way up! I love the way I feel when I leave the busyness of civilization, and am surrounded by nature!

On Monday we headed to Boise for Mr. W to take the naplex. I can't believe how frustrating it is to deal with school demands again. Really, I'm so done with it all! (my poor Mr.) We've enjoyed the respite from it all these past few months. While he was testing (for 4 1/2 hours) the children and I went to a science museum, on a paddle boat ride, and did a little shopping. When we made it back to the testing center we weren't allowed to wait in the waiting room, go figure, so we had to sit on the floor in the hallway. Lizzy can ALWAYS find a way to entertain herself, no matter the situation. This time it was the water fountain and wipe box. Seriously, I love this girl! They were both troopers, especially considering it was about 110 miserable degrees. After his test we had fun catching up with his former mission companion and family for dinner and swimming. Lizzy thought their son had a little crush going on, which was quite entertaining, if I do say so myself. And I'm talking about her, not him!
It was fun to get away and leave the daily routine behind, even though it was to take what would be his second to last test FOREVER!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

this week... {july 26-august 1}

This week, this baby crawls everywhere! He's been crawling for a few weeks, but he explores everywhere now. (kitchen, front room, entry, back door, his room, and then do it all over again and again) I LOVE it! He is so happy. His little spirit was ready for his body to go from about 3 months of age. He has been quite frustrated waiting for freedom to move about...but it has finally arrived! In the picture above Lizzy plays the game- crawl, push the box, then Charlie crawl to get the box. I never get enough of watching these two play together. They melt my heart... What am I going to do when she starts school?

 ...see how happy he is to be moving! (and still no teeth...which is fine with the nursing mommy!)

 His favorite breakfast is mommy's homemade wheat and flax bread, toasted of course. Oh, you just wait little'll love it with fresh strawberry jam. It won't be long!

 The artist/crafter has been creating with popsicle sticks and hot glue this week. There's no shortage of popsicle sticks around here. We asked daddy to pick some up one day, and he came home with a lifetime supply! Meet "Buggy" and his new home! After these pictures she added a television showing the Olympics, and a refrigerator.  What more could a bug ask for?
When I called she and Charlie my babies the other day, she politely informed me she's a "between-ager" now. I guess I'll go with that. Only because I thought it was so cute! but if I were talking to her I would have to say "cool" instead of cute.

 This baby loves animals. I can't say the white furry one loves him back. But that's okay, he thinks it's soooo funny when Max growls or snaps at him. I don't know where he gets that from... I'm glad we have our little zoo. So far they are his favorite toys.

 my boys

...daddy is taking the state law exam right now. The last test EVER! Yep that's right. E.V.E.R! Yippee!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

this week... {July 22-28,2012}

{9 months old}
My baby is looking more like a little boy everyday. (despite the fact that everyone still calls him a girl, which I consider a compliment) Today he and daddy are sick. I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep, but amazingly I feel fine. I ran, finished sewing Lizzy's pj shorts, and mowed the lawn before 8 am! I'm sure it will hit me this afternoon. But, I have the house cleaned and we're settling in for a restful day ahead. I'm trying to decide what to bake. I love it when we are all home and the house smells like warm banana bread, or something like it. Hopefully I will have a few minutes to sew the children's pajamas. I love making them new jammies for fall, which can't come fast enough! Now that the gardening is slowing a little, there's time for sewing and knitting in anticipation of fall.
 Oliver+S sailboat top pattern

Lizzy rode in the Pioneer Day parade with her buddies. Her years are numbered with this event. I was glad that she still thought it was fun this year! We are officially counting down to the start of school. Only 2 1/2 weeks left of summer break. She was not looking forward to going back to school, UNTIL she received her letter and found out who her teacher is. Now she can't wait! She will attend the Teton Science Camp with her grade this year. She talked with me yesterday, the way a parent speaks to a child, ever so gently, about wanting time at the camp void of her parents. It was rather cute really. I could tell she didn't want to hurt my feelings, and she didn't. She expressed her feelings very well. She is a sweetheart.

This is what we get to look at every evening when we walk out to look at the garden. It it breathtaking. Most of our days are ended by seeing how much the pumpkins have grown and watching the sunset. Every few days our neighbors bring over their chickens for a grasshopper treat. Charlie is totally amused by them. I can't say I'm ready for summer to come to a close, but I am so ready for pumpkins, apple pies, and the crisp fall air. So ready!