Tuesday, January 24, 2012

yesterday and today.

(playing with instagram on the ride down)

 Yesterday was wonderful. We let sister sluff school, and the Mr. took me (and the babes) shopping in SLC! 
I have to admit, it was a little heavenly for me. The shopping was fun, although felt sinful after about 5 hours, but still fun for the mama! I love any day that I get to keep my family with me all day long.
It's even more fun on a weekday when you know you're avoiding all responsibility and enjoying only moments of pleasure!

 This is sister's favorite thing to do when we're shopping. 
I'll never forget the first time she pushed him in the stroller she said, "now I really feel like a big sister." I love seeing the two of them together.

(deciding what to draw from her favorite book "make a world")

Now, as for today....on to organizing, hanging curtains, nursing the babe, (who slept through the night for the first time on his 3 month birthday!!!) clean, finish laundry, and what to make for dinner?.... 
I love days like today.
And yesterday.

edit:: best part of today so far...play time with baby, then rocking and singing him to sleep. I love feeling his body relax in my arms as he drifts off to a peaceful slumber.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today I feel happy!
(not that that's unusual)
 I'm happy to be a wife and a mother.
Happy to be healthy.
Happy because there is a fresh blanket of snow on the lawn. And I hear my wind chimes.
...they always make me think of my mother.
This morning I laid on my bed with my baby. He held my finger while he slept.  He held on so tight that his fingertips were white. I laid there looking at his beautiful tiny hand, and I felt so grateful to be his mother.  I love my children. I love being their mother. I love that every moment is unpredictable. Well most anyway. I can count on a 9 year old that hates waking up for school, but is happy to be at school when she gets there. Silly girl.

Yesterday I asked sister to shovel the sidewalks for us.
I peeked out the window at her, and she was shoveling the neighbors driveway!
A proud moment for the mama.
I love those little moments where you see fruits of your labor as parents.
I was so touched by her compassion and thoughtfulness. 
Especially since the neighbors left for their 18 month mission yesterday.

And let's not forget the trip to the aquarium Saturday.
She finally got to see real otters! And spend the day with her daddy.
And that made one happy little girl.

Friday, January 13, 2012

oh how I love these two!

Every morning sis comes in our room to give brother his morning greeting. 
He loves her, and she loves him. 
It completely melts my heart. It melts Mr. W's too. 
Some mornings we just sit in bed together and observe what we've created. 
It is a beautiful thing.
I love that we have a 9 year old and a newborn. It's wonderful to watch the chemistry between the two of them.
I love to say that I have "children." It gives me butterflies in my tummy!
I feel so blessed everyday.
(of course bear bear is with them too)

 This is what sister has been up to lately. She's working on the longest picture in the world!
She loves the Ed Emberly drawing books she got for Christmas.
I love how she always has to organize her crayons and markers into a rainbow when she's creating!

I made baby some pants out of a t-shirt...I always have to embellish the bum!
(I can already hear him say, "oh mom, do you have to say that?)
Check out the chub! I think he needs some bigger socks for those ankles.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

settling in.

I can't believe my baby boy is 10 weeks old.
My heart is full.
Full of love for these two incredible children I've been blessed with. I feel like I'm settling into this new role. Mother of two, and mother of a newborn. I love it. My little boy knows I am his mother. I can speak to him from across the room and it comforts him. When he sees me he smiles. And I do too! I'm learning to stop mid-whatever to come to his rescue, and be okay letting things (cleaning) go. I'm learning that the best product of the day is not the the tangible, like sewing something from start to finish,  but rather a happy and content baby and 9 year old. These days I'm doing good to get my exercise done and the house cleaned before it's time to pick up sister, and I love it! My days are full of everything I've dreamed of. 
This little boy loves his sister so much.
 This morning on the way to school I was watching her in the rear view mirror. She was resting her head on his seat and staring at him. She helped him grasp his toy and taught him all about how to play with it. She has been amazing. Even more so after being the only child for 9 1/2 years. 
Life is sweet. Happy. Beautiful. Lovely.