Friday, December 14, 2012

life and appreciation

{2012 Christmas Card}

I believe everyone who has ever lived will, at some point in his/her life adventure, have a life changing experience. I have used that term lightly in the past, but now have new appreciation for the meaning. For my Mr. and I, our life changing experience was school the past four years. I'm realizing with each passing day how difficult it really was.

Everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, we mention how thankful we are that he is not studying, driving to Salt Lake, leaving so early in the morning, and carrying the enormous weight on his shoulders. We mention how we LOVE crawling in bed together every night. He LOVES playing the children without homework or seminar hanging over his head. He graduated 7 months ago, and everyday of freedom still feels like a gift.

I missed my sweetheart the past four years, and he missed us too. Everyday we are so grateful for our time together. I can now say I am thankful that we chose a difficult road. It has given us so much appreciation for our everyday life. And that is a gift.