Wednesday, February 13, 2013

valentine pixy arrows!

 2013 valentine's complete! yippee!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the monster and the boot.

our girl was in the annual monster concert at usu on saturday! i'm so proud of her, and so is her daddy. many moons ago it was him on this very stage, performing in this very concert. awesome!

... and now on to the boot. this is fun. my foot started hurting saturday, and by sunday i couldn't walk. the dr. thinks it's a stress fracture. i do have a bone out of place, but he is not certain if that is a old or new injury.  he will check again after a week in the boot. lovely. doesn't he know what a routine oriented person i am? running with this thing on is, needless to say, impossible. but i did manage the elliptical this morning. i do not have a good relationship with that thing. i hate it in fact. but it will have to do.

so, luckily, i had plenty of projects going to keep me sane. i started sourdough starter a week ago, and have been experimenting with it's possibilities. so far the sourdough pancakes are a hit. the bread was a rock, but i'll keep trying.

 i finished this "bonnet" for charlie. it's amazing how quickly you can knit something up when all you can do is sit. i enjoyed it really. i don't let myself do that very often, but i think that needs to change.

 i borrowed my mother-in-law's dehydrator and have been drying apples and banana chips. YUM! *need to get my own asap*
now i will finish designing lizzy's valentine's. i promised her i would have everything printed and ready to assemble when she gets home... i know what she'll be doing all night long!

Friday, February 8, 2013


 everyday while charlie naps i make him fresh squeezed orange juice. and a nutritious lunch. this dairy allergy throws quite a wrench into our diet, but it has forced me to study and learn more about nutrition and how to make every meal count. trying to decide what to feed him can be consuming at times. thankfully, he likes a variety of foods, but that can be challenging too. restricting dairy from my diet has helped me know what he needs. i figure what my body feels it needs, his does too. i hope this allergy goes away sooner than later.

i love making charlie clothes from mr. w's hand-me-downs. i think it's the sweetest ever. what's not to love about a little boy in daddy's repurposed clothes?! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


his eyes say it all. poor max. happy baby.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

more white love, and hearts

we are still painting this house. with every wall that gets painted, i love it more!  *still painting a wall a day, or whatever can be done during nap time* white is beautiful. it feels so good. everything looks beautiful next to it. did i mention i love it??!

hearts are popping up around here. lizzy and i made the garland for the fireplace last year. {tutorial found here} we will hang more hearts in the windows this afternoon. *i must wait for my little helper* what would i do without holidays?... thanks mom for always making them special and being a keeper of tradition. i hope i can do the same for my children.

Monday, February 4, 2013


*riding the escalator with grandpa*
we had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday in slc. we shopped, and bought, and were all exhausted the following day. 
it was so nice to visit with dad during his layover. he brought gifts for the children, which melted my heart a little. for lizzy, a glass flower necklace he bought her in oregon and "samples" from his hotel. an "i love you" flap book for charlie, and conversation hearts for all of us. we ate at a&w, dad and lizzy's favorite place. we missed seeing grandma this time.

 i love this girl. even when she's smirking at me...