Monday, July 8, 2013

the past three months.

he loves the 'peek-a-boo barn' app

Summer is here! Three months have passed since my last post- that hardly seems possible! 

We have spent a better part of the past three months being sick. Fevers, flu, achy joints, and now our pediatrician thinks Charlie has juvenile arthritis. While for some a diagnosis like that would be devastating, for us it has been a relief. We knew he was suffering, the question has been "with what?" When he started limping and holding his wrist saying "ouch," we had some clue about where to begin. A blood test concluded that he is definitely suffering from inflammation. Naproxen has been a miracle drug, improving his quality of life dramatically, until it started causing digestive problems. Now we are going off that to see if his digestive issues resolve. We will get it figured out. I'm overjoyed everyday when I see him running, laughing and acting like a 20 month old! And those teeth, oh how I love to see them when he smiles!

Our summer really has been uneventful so far. We look forward to visiting museums, the zoo, and cousins in Orem when Charlie is more comfortable. Lauren has been so patient with him, and me while we get this figured out. Sometimes I swear she was 20 years old the day she was born. Her maturity amazes me. And let me not forget to mention that she received the 'President's Award for Academic Excellence' at her 5th grade graduation! So, so proud. Last Friday she babysat (awake) Charlie for the first time while my Mr. and I went out to dinner. Oh the JOY! Blessed day! I think we're on to something here...
Happy Summer!!