Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes, oftentimes, I see these two together and I can't believe they are mine! We have two children!! She is a sister, and they have one another. I can't believe how they have changed our lives. And how he has changed hers. Mornings are my favorite when I hear them in their room while she's lying in her bed, and he in his. He carries on a full-on conversation with her in his own language. He can't wait for someone to come along and lift him out of his crib so he can run over and climb up on her bed! (all while she scurries to protect her beloved stuffed animals)

Families are beautiful and I love this little family of ours. How did I get so lucky?

**Tonight we are going canoeing for FHE. I can't wait to see the excitement on this little boy's face, and the pleasure on hers! Must make the most of the last days of this summer break...

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Walking to church is one of my favorite weekly traditions. Sister was ahead on her scooter, thus her absence in this photo. My little boy looks so big with his backpack! (Thank heavens he's on his way to nursery and not school) 

Now that's what I call sweet. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The sun is setting on this day. I'm trying to take time to recognize and feel gratitude for my blessings everyday. Today, these are my greatest blessings (which could be said of everyday)...

I love to see my Mr. play with our children. He relates to them in a way that only he can do. Tonight Charlie pulled him up on the trampoline. He laughed and giggled like he had waited all day for that moment. Oh, they are sweet.

This little boy is going to be so sad when sister starts school. He loves her, and her hair! She rarely plays the piano without him running up and pulling her ponytail. Not good. I'm already dreading not having her home with us during the day, but I'm stoked that she gets out of school at 2:15 this year!! I think she's ready, which make it a little easier for the mama.

I'm still loving my road bike! It feels incredible every time I reach the top of the canyon. Not to mention the 30 mph ride down!! I see the most beautiful sunrises, and love hearing the sounds of nature while I cycle. I pray everyday that I won't hit a deer. They would undoubtedly win, but I don't want to test my suspicion.

Now we're off to bed. (trying to get back on a decent schedule before that 7:30 a.m. school time) Yikes!