Tuesday, September 25, 2012

wagon rides and pumpkins = fall!

my pumpkin peddler

It's that time again... FALL time! I LOVE fall! I love the crisp cool air, bright blue skies, garden harvest, warm soup and bread, and of course pumpkins! I never took an official count, but I know this was our largest pumpkin harvest to date! 

Lizzy has been trying to earn money to help pay for Teton Science Camp next month, so we agreed that in exchange for her helping with the harvest and clean-up, she could sell some of the pumpkins. She did great clipping pumpkins from the vines, making sure to leave a nice stem attached, then dragging the gnarly vines into what is now a heaping pile waiting to be burned in the center of the garden. Certainly the most exciting part for her was pulling the pumpkins in the wagon from house to house and collecting money with every stop. She came home with $31 from one evening, which was a thrill for her! I believe we have started a new tradition...

deciding which pumpkins to keep and which to sell...

Last night my Mr. hung bike mounts in the garage for us! (bless you baby) While we were working on that, Lizzy took Mr. Fuzzers for a wagon ride. He was in heaven! I believe his mouth was wide open from excitement the entire time! She is such a great big sister. I am so thankful both of our children came to us when they did. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

Last Friday we got to visit with mom and dad during their layover in Salt Lake. It is always a treat to see them, even if it's only for 3 hours. I'll take any time I can get! I appreciate them looking for flights that allow them to stop here, especially considering it means they arrive home in the middle of the night. We went to lunch at A&W, their favorite, and Lizzy's too. They are the sweetest grandparents. I wish they lived closer...

And finally, I know fall is officially here when we eat homemade tomato fontinella soup and grilled cheese for dinner. YUM! I've even converted my Mr. to tomato soup. Now, if you know him that is nothing short of a miracle ! This morning he mentioned wanting to carve pumpkins tonight. Welcome fall, we've missed you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

me & my girl.

Yesterday Lizzy was enthusiastic about cooking! (thank you Mr. W, for grabbing the camera to capture the moment) She helped make Sunday dinner, and then asked if we could make cookies for our neighbors. She helped with both, start to finish!

Last week I knitted a scarf for a little friend. It must have sparked the same flame in her, she asked me to teach her how to knit with needles. Again. We've attempted mini teaching sessions in the past, as she has requested and as long as her attention span would allow, but as aforementioned, they were mini. This time was different. All of those sessions must have added up to learning little by little, because this time I instructed her for maybe 2 minutes, and she was knitting away on her own! Oh the excitement for the mommy! Now that I think about it, I wonder where she has stashed her knitting... I haven't seen it in a few days. I guess she's moved on :)

I love these moments with my daughter. I've learned through the years that this kind of excitement usually comes for a moment, then she's on to something else. I try to jump at every opportunity when it presents itself. I believe these are the moments that are shaping and molding her into the woman she will become.

Last week we had a mommy-daughter date to Kneaders. She loves the eclairs, and I love the one-on-one time with her! She is growing up so quickly. I don't say "too quickly" because I love every stage with her! Even the, "I'm independent and do not need you to go to Teton Science Camp with me" stage. Independence is the ultimate goal after all, right?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

first teeth!

(hurry up little teeth, you're hurting my gums!)

Before this very important date slips my mind, this little boy got his first tooth on Tuesday! The likely lower central incisor. The neighboring tooth is following closely behind. It's almost through those swollen little gums! He's a few months ahead of Lizzy, she didn't get her first tooth until she was 14 months old. But who's counting... I'm just happy to avoid the dreams of having my infant fitted for dentures because she is the only 1 year old with no teeth!