Friday, March 29, 2013

blessed day.

Today is a blessed day for two reasons...
Easter outfits are complete. Fitted, hemmed, and buttons attached. Which means no stress to hurry and finish them last minute! I love sewing Oliver + S patterns. They sew together beautifully, and are finished inside and out. I can't wait to see my babies (sorry Lizzy, but you'll always be my baby) in their handmade clothes on Sunday. I feel like such a domestic mother, and I live for that feeling. I love carrying on tradition, and I will continue to as long and she will let me. We are 10 years and running!
Now, for the second reason. This is the first day that Lizzy has fixed her own hair for school!!!! She is maturing, and becoming more opinionated about how she wants her hair. We don't always agree. Many days I will fix her hair the way she asks, only to see that she has taken it out when I pick her up from school. (which is totally okay, I remember doing the same thing)

This morning was no different. We were both trying to be agreeable, but it just wasn't working. I asked (politely) "Would you like to do your own hair this morning?" To my surprise she said "YES!" I left her to do whatever she wished, and she completely surprised me when she walked downstairs with two braids! I am so proud of her! Oh the JOY

And that is why today is a blessed day in my book.

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