Thursday, March 28, 2013

sick days.

My poor boy has been sick since Monday. Though I would never know it until diaper changing time. I finally called the doctor today and they said there is a 7 day stomach flu going around. He's got it. And my Mr. too. But, I don't mind pampering my family and playing nurse for a while. I especially love the extra snuggles! 
Yesterday was our first time taking Charlie to the park this year! He loved it! He's lucky to have such a wonderful big sister. She was right with him, protecting him every second. Makes the mama proud! Right now, she and daddy are at the STEaM Expo at school. Charlie and I stayed home where we can privately change his entire outfit every time he needs a diaper change...

Mr. W and I are slightly addicted to Downton Abbey at the moment. We haven't watched any of it until the past few weeks, so it's been a marathon watching all 3 seasons at once! A very good marathon I might add. (we are currently watching season 3, so no spoilers please!!!) It's our little treat every night after we tuck the children in bed! I can't wait to see what happens tonight...

And oh yes, I finished both Easter outfits this week. Now to finish preparing for the Easter Bunny to fill those baskets!

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  1. Hope you guys are feeling better! I love C's outfit and cute long brown hair. What a cute little guy!