Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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time gets away from me too quickly anymore. i find myself using instagram to capture "moments" in our lives. probably not the best idea for printing, but it's better than nothing. we've had many moments the past few weeks. lizzy loves to "sleepover" in our room. we bring the mattress up, and she camps beside our bed. we have our time to talk about the day, then invite her in. this time we left her reading on the couch. when we went to get her, she had fallen asleep with her earmuffs on. too sweet this girl is!
 she was in the spelling bee again this year. she misspelled the word "debutante." (i'm glad i had spell check for that one myself) i'm proud of the way she practiced and prepared. she was faithful.
she earned herself a visit to aggie ice cream. one of her favorite places!
this little man is growing up faster than any baby ever! i love this expression. everyday is about learning and growing. everything is new and exciting. what an adventure life is with a 1 year old!
 instagram keeps him entertained while we are waiting for lizzy at school...
 and as far as making in my life...this was the most rewarding project in a long time! every easter our dining table was decorated with the most beautiful sugar eggs. i loved to smell them, and look inside and imagine what it would be like to live in a sugary land with chicks and bunnies! every moment of making them was nostalgic for me. they even smell exactly how i remember. they put a smile on my face! i love passing traditions from my childhood on to my children. there is something about it that feels so sacred to me. and i must say, my mother is amazing for doing such activities with 9 children! that's right, NINE! she is amazing.
this is so my children will remember that i fed them nutritious food. and because i think it's beautiful. dinner is the highlight of my day. there's nothing like sitting around the dinner table as a family and talking and eating yummy food. nothing like it in the world!

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